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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Top Brands_IIPM listings 2011

Brand Awareness: Consumer response to a marketing campaign, including below the line activities, brand endorsers, communication contributing to brand information and positive consumer disposition, et al.
Image & Perception: Perceived identity of a brand amidst consumers, based on marketing initiatives and delivery on promised commitments, on which, the consumer forms a mental image of a brand, which may or may not be real.
Brand Loyalty: When the consumer is tempted enough to stick to a brand, out of commitment or need towards that monicker, he is displaying his loyalty to that brand.
Brand Performance: Consumer’s perception of the performance of a brand. Respondents were asked to take into account distribution network, word of mouth publicity, promotional activities by the brand vis-à-vis its competitors. Also includes the consumer’s perception of sales, profits and the goodwill of the brand.
Brand Association: Association refers to that aspect of a brand’s marketing cycle wherein the brand reaches such a stage that it becomes synonymous with that product category. So when a brand is inadvertently associated with any value, personality or attribute, it denotes a brand association.